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A lesson in honesty for us all: Crown drops charges against Toronto Humane Society

This morning news outlets are buzzing that the 46 Ontario SPCA charges of animal cruelty against the Toronto Humane Society have been dropped.  The crown prosecutor decided that the evidence collected in a 56 day search of the Humane Society could not be used because the Ontario SPCA invited media to attend and hired a PR consulting firm to either raise the profile of the case or simply handle the media — depending on whose side of the story you believe.  See this in-depth report.

This is a very sad story, not just because of the magnitude of the cruelty charges, but the fact that the issues in the case won’t be considered in court due to the SPCA’s media relations choices to publicize the event too widely and film the arrests of staff at the Toronto shelter.  This situation is such a lesson to us all in choosing to be honest about the cruelty issues that we see, but collecting our evidence diligently and accurately and not in a sensationalist manner. The Ontario SPCA may have presented plenty of evidence to charge those involved in the case, and the media would have covered the story regardless of whether they were invited by the OSPCA.


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Shelters helping shelters via the Humane Society of the US

100 dogs from the Gulf coast of the US were sent on a journey to a new home.  Check out this wonderful story from the Humane Society of the US.

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Animal adoptions deserve a dance!

So they dance for the dog adoption at the Nevada Humane Society.  A specific thanks to Helen for sending this my way.  I cried.  Check out this video.

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Cheesie is a dog, not a hamster!

It’s 3:00 PM on Wednesday afternoon, and my cell phone rings as if right on cue.  It’s usually about this time of the week that I get a call from my friend Helen at the RAPS operated Richmond Animal Shelter.  Helen often calls me to let me know when extraordinary animals that come into the shelter whose stories really should be told.

“I have a dog with an identity crisis,” Helen said.

“Oh really. How’s that?” I ask.

“Well, he was surrendered to us in a rodent cage fully equipped with a hamster water bottle and everything,” said Helen.  Sure enough, a women had surrendered her dog earlier that week, with its puppy collar imbedded in his neck because she didn’t know he would grow bigger.  The women’s friend had purchased the dog at a local pet store and had given him away – hamster cage and all.

The dog, named Cheesie, was adopted within a day, as a dog, not a hamster.

Cheesie in his former (abusive) home living as a hamster.


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