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Puppy-mill issue is in center court

The BC SPCA has seized 14 dogs from a suspected puppy-mill in Abbotsford. See article on CTV.

Marcie Moriarty, Director of Cruelty Investigations for the BC SPCA, has highlighted the need for municipalities to ban the sale of dogs in pet stores.  CTV has published Oct. 4th as the date for Richmond City Council to discuss this issue.

This comes right as we are all preparing to speak to council on Oct. 4th for the General Purposes Committee meeting, albeit the agenda item is still tentative until we hear from City Hall.

If you haven’t already sent a letter to the Mayor and Councillors regarding your support of the Ban on the Sale of Dogs in Storefronts, please email today to:

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Animal welfare history in the making

This morning I got an email from a Richmond resident regarding the process by which council is considering the proposal to Ban the Sale of Dogs in Storefronts.  This is an excellent query, so here’s a little history and some information on current events.

Richmond’s petition to stop the sale of animals in pet stores was started during a RAPS board meeting, and was based on the need to stop the steady stream of dogs, cats, rabbits, guineas pigs and birds that were purchased at local pet stores and quickly surrendered to the Richmond Animal Shelter.  A new balance between incoming animals and re-homed animals had to be established.  Hence, the need to stop retail sales of animals.  The petition has been circulated by volunteers and by the BC SPCA.

In 2009, Councilmen Ken Johnston brought forth a proposal to Richmond’s council to Ban the Sale of Dogs in Storefronts.    That proposal was considered during the March 2 General Purposes Committee meeting.  See minutes here.

During that meeting, committee members asked staff to research items further, but as of Sept. 1, this issue has not been put on the General Purpose Committee agenda. We are encouraging council to put this issue on the Oct. 4th General Purposes Committee agenda.

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American Dogs just a little better off…now.

The Companion Animal Protection Society (CAPS), performed its own investigation of the sales techniques and supply of puppy-mill bred dogs to West Hollywood pet stores.  Their work resulted in the West Hollywood city council banning the sale of dogs and cats in pet stores.  Here is a list of articles by the CAPS West Coast Director, Carole Davis, documenting the struggle and the success.  See these articles in The America Dog.

West Hollywood Bans Puppy-mill Sales

Spay and Neuter Laws

March for Free Speech for Those who have no Speech

Virtual Pet Stores

Pets, Lies and Legislation

Inside the Rescue Revolution

Undercover Investigation at a Pet Shop

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Animal Welfare Advocacy Coalition now on Facebook!

You can now join forces with the Animal Welfare Advocacy Coalition (AWAC) via Facebook.  Search for “Animal Welfare Advocacy Coalition”  (location: Richmond, BC).  Request to join!

See you on Facebook!


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Converting a pet store to a humane and profitable business

Kudos to my friend Helen for sending this wonderful story about a pet store that made the change to stop selling dogs.

This pet store owner used to sell dogs from Hunte Corporation, a well-known broker and distributor of puppy-mill animals, and came to see how Hunte was lying to him about their cruel business.  Pet stores in Canada, including Pet Habitat, PJ’s Pets and Petland all sell puppies from the Hunte Corporation.

This article from Best Friends shows how a pet store owner came to see the truth.  Click here.

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CBC’s Marketplace exposes Canada’s PJ Pets and Pet Habitat

Who do you trust when it comes to investigative research on puppy mills?  On March 2, Richmond’s Pet Habitat and PJ’s Pets owners spoke to city council saying that this CBC report was one-sided and had been removed by CBC.  That, of  course, was a lie, and CBC’s research stands.  PJ’s Pets and Pet Habitat are purchasing their animals from Hunte Corporation that sources puppies from known puppy mills in the States. If these stores won’t admit to, let alone take responsibility for, their sales of abused and neglected animals, than we must instead.  Check out this documentary on CBC:

How not to buy a puppy! on CBC’s Marketplace

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West Hollywood’s landmark decision to ban the sale of dogs and cats in pet stores

A special thanks to Helen for sending me this video.  Watch the whole thing, and see how it really can be done!

“What you are doing is attempting to harmonize the situation.”  Wayne Pacelle, President and CEO of the Humane Society of the US regarding his support on the ban of the sale of dogs and cats in retail stores in West Hollywood.

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