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COLORADO! Fort Collins geared up to ban retail sales of ALL animals


Well, I couldn’t be more proud of being from Colorado, because a student at CSU and animal advocate, Laure Molitor, has passed the first test to get a petition to ban the sale of animals in pet stores in Fort Collins, CO.

Check out this wonderful article!  The Coloradoan

Way to go!

Petitions for proposed ban on pet sales filed

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Maddie’s Fund in NY: Coalition looking towards the end of kill-sheltering

From:  Maddie’s Fund.

Blogger note:  This is an excellent article on how small rescues working together make a big difference and are getting major support.

Maddie’s Fund Gives New York City’s Shelters and Rescue Groups Additional $3 Million to Pull Dogs, Cats from City Shelters

January 17, 2011:

We’re heartened by a groundswell of public interest in the plight of shelter animals. Folks no longer accept at face value that the killing of our best friends on four legs is inevitable, and many are actively getting engaged in changing the fate of shelter animals in their own communities.

With so many economic challenges facing local governments, private shelters, rescue groups and individuals in these tough times, animal lovers sometimes ask Maddie’s Fund® to step in and directly use our resources to fix a problem at their municipal shelter, especially if we’re funding a project in their community.

We do this by investing in community collaborations and growing the infrastructure of the not-for-profit sector. While this is not the only way to save lives, it’s our belief that coalitions provide the best safety net for animals over time by creating sustainable, accountable systems. This method strengthens all of the partners and helps the weaker get strong through common purpose and cooperation. If a municipal agency gets hit by a cut in funding, or if the economy takes the legs out from under a private humane society, a strong coalition can pick up the slack and provide safe haven for animals in peril.

As part of our commitment to this approach, Maddie’s Fund has just approved an additional $3 million for a coalition of 111 rescue groups and shelters in New York City. Sixty percent of this money will go directly to our partner rescue groups to take more than 12,000 animals out of the city’s Animal Care & Control (AC&C) shelters and find them loving homes. With New York City’s municipal shelters reeling from a $1.5 million cut in the budget, the assistance of 111 AC&C coalition partners is more critical now than ever before.

There are many ways to save lives; this is ours. We believe that all of us can all work towards reaching the no-kill goal in our own way, and show by our daily actions that we’re committed to making the world a better place for shelter animals.

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Richmond News letter: City, tighten leash on bylaws

An excellent letter to the editor on the current state of government policy on animal issues in Richmond, BC.

Richmond News January 26, 2011

The Editor,

Re: “Animal shelter faces anxious days ahead,” News, Jan. 21:

Alan Campbell’s latest article about the City of Richmond giving RAPS the run-around on its contract renewal is yet more evidence of the problem that has existed in Richmond for the past 15 years.

The bylaws department in this city is in need of a massive overhaul.

It can be seen in the petition to B.C. Supreme Court Mr. Ryan Lake recently announced in the News (Jan. 5, Letters, “Maybe you can fight city hall”) and his frequent observations of bylaw department inadequacies (Richmond News, July 31, 2009; Sept. 23, 2009; Oct. 23, 2009; March 12, 2010).

It can be seen in the minutes of the most recent city council meeting (Jan. 10), in which my wife and others were berated by council for suggesting that the current breed-specific bylaws were dysfunctional.

Finally, it can be seen in the fact that twice in the past two days, my wife and I were approached by growling, snarling, off-leash dogs in the City of Richmond.

My inspection of the animal control bylaw reveals that in both if these instances, there were no fewer than three sections of the bylaw violated simultaneously, which should have resulted in the dogs being impounded at the owners’ expense.

Where is the bylaw enforcement in this city?

Why does it work so poorly?

Until these questions are addressed, no progress on the problems I mentioned can be made.

The city should take as its incentive the realization that if everyone who had ever been traumatized by an aggressive dog in Richmond got together, the resulting class action could be very hard to ignore.

Eric Lagally


Read more:

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Wildlife management and protection in Africa explores new boundries

This is a fascinating article on wild dog conservation in Botswana, and how understanding the animals can lead to a very unique solution.

See: The Paul Allen Family Foundation

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Youtube video of the Richmond Animal Shelter No-kill Anniversary

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Warning to dog owners in Richmond: Poisoning at Morris Park

Please be aware that Richmond Police have reported an incident of dog poisoning in a Richmond park.  Here are the details provided by the Richmond Animal Protection Society:

BEWARE:  There has been a case reported of dog food being laced with rat poison at MORRIS PARK in Richmond.  Morris park is located between Granville Ave. and Blundell Rd as well as No. 1 Rd. and Railway.  Morris park is surrounded by Cabot Dr., Baffin Dr. Parry St. and Shackleton Dr.

It may not be the only park, so PLEASE keep your eyes open and watch your pets carefully.  If your dog is poisoned at a park, please call Richmond Police with as much information as possible.

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Best editorial ever! Young volunteer has her say on animal shelter contract

Check out this wonderful letter to the editor about the Richmond Animal Shelter contract and the sad, prolonged process of trying to find next year’s animal shelter contractor without consideration for the community that has supported RAPS.  This young lady has her priorities straight!  Well done!

See the Richmond News article here.

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