Media Coverage (Puppy Sale Ban)

Breaking News: BC Court upholds Richmond’s ban on the sale of dogs in pet stores!  See the Richmond Review article here.

Also, see the Richmond News article here.

*** News from Oct. 2010 ***

On Oct. 4th, the Richmond City Council put forth an amendment to the Business License bylaw to effectively ban the sale of dogs in pet stores. On Oct. 12, the council voted unanimously to hear the 1st, 2nd and 3rd reading.  Final adoption of the bylaw is  Nov. 8th.  Here is a list of the media coverage and information on these on-going events:

** Most Recent**

Standing up for puppies
by Corry Anderson-Fennell
The Province, Nov. 7, 2010

Stopping Puppy Mills in Langley, BC
by Councillor Jordan Bateman
Langley Township
Oct. 14, 2010

Bylaw would ban puppy sales
Prince George Citizen
Oct. 12, 2010

The Epoch Times article
by Joan Delaney
Oct. 14, 2010

Richmond approves Canada’s first pet store puppy ban
The Richmond Review
Oct. 13, 2010

Richmond bans pet store puppy sales
The Globe and Mail
Oct. 14, 2010

B.C. city passes Canada’s first puppy sale ban
CTV Winnipeg
Oct. 13, 2010

Richmond Ponders Puppy Ban by Corry Fennell of the BC SPCA
Oct. 3, 2010
The Province

Pet Store Puppy Ban (video)
CBC News
Oct. 13, 2010

Richmond council makes landmark decision to ban retail sale of puppies
The Examiner — Vancouver
October 13, 2010

City takes a bite out of suffering
Richmond News
Oct. 6, 2010

** Radio Interviews**

The Christy Clark Show (radio)
Oct. 4th, 2010
Ken Johnston, Christie Lagally (guests at 19:00 minutes)

The Bill Good Show
Oct. 5th, 2010
Marcie Moriarty of the BC SPCA

CBC The Current
Oct. 11, 2010
CBC Radio 1
Guest:  Kristin Bryson of the BC SPCA

*** Documentary ***

How not to buy a puppy
CBC Marketplace
March 6, 2009


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