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A special shout out for help at Pigs Peace

This arrived in my email inbox tonight.  Please spread the word.

Elsie at Pigs Peace

[From email from Pigs Peace]
This picture was taken when Elsie was up for a brief moment to eat and potty.
This sick piglet sleeps over 23 hours a day! laboring every breath.

A man in a pick-up truck on a Washington highway was carrying a crate with piglets. He slammed on his brakes, the crate broke open and, as he made a sharp turn, each piglet fell out onto the highway to be hit by cars and killed. All but one, and she is Elsie!

Another man, who was driving, witnessed all this, stopped traffic to save the piglet, then called and asked to bring her here!!!

Elsie is VERY sick with pneumonia on top of recovering from car accident trauma and an injured leg.

Elsie barely moves as it takes all her energy to breath. It will take a long time to physically recover.

Elsie is terrified of people.

Elsie was chased and caught to be crammed in a crate with others, totally traumatized with falling out of a moving vehicle onto a highway and seeing her siblings killed. Then chased and caught by her “rescuer” to be brought here!

Now Elsie must learn she is safe! This will take many hours of contact by me with medical treatments and intensive nursing care, giving fresh bedding, offering varied and frequent food samplings, cleaning up after her. Elsie will eventually learn she is free from harm and cared for. This will take a lot of work. This is the work of love. This is what we do at Pigs Peace Sanctuary.

Your support of Elsie is a shout out YES for HER life and HER healing!

We can`t do it without you!
Help the pigs

Please help.

Judy Woods
Pigs Peace Sanctuary


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Richmond Councillors ban pet stores sales of dogs !!!

Yes, really! I can hardly believe it myself….


We did it and you did it! Tonight, Richmond City Councillors unanimously voted to amend the business license bylaw to effectively ban the sale of dogs in Richmond pet stores! Tonight, we celebrate, because in the days and weeks ahead, a few less animals will suffer for pet stores’ profit!

There will be some additional work in the days ahead regarding implementation of the changed bylaw.  The amendment will require a 1st, 2nd and 3rd reading before council and some public consultation for implementation.

Thank you everyone for all your hard work!

Christie Lagally
Animal Welfare Advocacy Coalition

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Check out — a wonderful resource for friends of hopping friends

The more I learn about the massive undertaking to move the UVic rabbits from the campus on Vancouver Island to sanctuaries on the Island and south to Texas, the more I am in awe of volunteers who have had to put their lives on hold to help these precious creatures.  Furthermore, I’m learning so much about rabbits along the way.  During my conversations with TRACS for Texas-bound Bunnies volunteer Sorelle Saidman, I learned that she maintains a wonderful online forum on rabbits and rabbit rescue called

At this forum, you can track the ongoing progress of the UVic bunnies.  But even more fun is the rabbit and hat photo contest.  What a great idea!

(Photo left:  Barley the rabbit at the Richmond Animal Shelter)

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Help Ocean Dog Rescue resume their adoptions from Taiwan

Ocean Dog Rescue is a wonderful organization that works to bring stray, neglected and abused dogs from Taiwan and place them in good homes in the Vancouver/Richmond area.  They have helped many animals through, but they are now having some difficulty with some of’s change in policies.

To correct this administrative problem, Ocean Dog Rescue has started a petition to show Petfinder that many people support overseas adoptions to help homeless animals.

Please take a moment to read and sign the petition. It only take a few minutes and you’ll be helping Ocean Dog Rescue make a difference around the world!

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Shelters helping shelters via the Humane Society of the US

100 dogs from the Gulf coast of the US were sent on a journey to a new home.  Check out this wonderful story from the Humane Society of the US.

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My favorite pet writer ~ James Herriot

Since I was quite young, my favorite writer has been James Herriot. He was a veterinarian who worked in the Yorkshire Dales in the UK, and spent much of his time rescuing and helping to rehome stray or abused animals. To this point he wrote:

“I had often thought when I encountered cruelty and neglect that there was a whole army of people who did these unspeakable things, a great unheeding horde who never spared a thought for the feelings of the helpless creatures who depended on them. It was frightening in a way, but thank heavens there was another army who fought for the animals with everything they had–with their energy, their time, their money.” ~James Herriots Dog Stories

As it is today, we still need that army. Let’s find out more about them, and recruit a few helpers to the ranks.

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