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Assembly and protest when the dog is in charge

The Occupy Wall Street movement has emerged with many surprises, but this one is my favorite.  Local Seattle blogger, Peter Keller, writes a fabulous blog on animal rights.  Check out this post: Top Dog at Occupy Denver

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The ‘To Do’ list for this week

I miss my Richmond pit bull friends...

Well, work keeps us busy, the pets keep us busier (and well-loved) and the commute takes way too much time!  But… lets remember to do a few important things this week:

1)  Check out the Best Friends blog post, A Myth-Buster of a Day.

2)  Got puppy mills?  Well consider the fur industry which is a horrible puppy mill for wild animals.  Being ‘fur free’ isn’t even a lifestyle change, since faux-fur is easy to find.  Sign the petition on Care2 to encourage the fur ban movement.  It does work.  West Hollywood has banned the sale of fur in city limits.  Yeah!!!  People really do care about animal welfare.

3) Check out your local ‘Occupy’ movement and find what’s up! Here in Seattle the Occupy rally has a working group for Animal Rights and Environmentalism.

Why is this important?  Reform for animal welfare must go hand-in-hand with reform of our country.  Businesses are not playing fair until animal welfare is considered and adhered too.   Think it can’t happen?  It already is!  The US Humane Society and the United Egg Producers have agreed to work together to improve the welfare of laying hens!   And that leads us to number 4…

4)  Send a letter (don’t worry, it’s an easy online form) to your local lawmaker to encourage them to pass legislation for free-range egg production.



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Bank Transfer Day rocked!

If we ever needed evidence that we are not alone in our fight to pay our bills and, furthermore, to struggle through the everyday maze that it is to move through our world of injustice, we certainly got that reassurance on Bank Transfer Day.

Yesterday thousands of people in the Seattle area (and across the US)  switched from large US banks to their  local credit union or bank.  (Seattle Times)

This is awesome.

This is the power we have to reshape our world!

This is where it starts – for the 99% of people and the 100% of animals too.  Everyday the tragedy of factory farming, pet homelessness and cruelty are among us.  At times our footsteps feel small, and traction is fleeting.

But Bank Transfer Day wasn’t just about money — as you already know.  It was about the power to change our destiny by walking away from injustice and participating in the alternatives.

If the 99% walked away from pet stores selling animals, there would be no more puppy and kitten mills.  If the 99% walked away from commercial meat sales, there would be no more factory farming.  If the 99%, banned exotic animal sales, there would be no more wild animal trade.

But it is no longer an “if” we walked away, because we “are” walking away.

You have the choice, and Bank Transfer Day showed how much that choice matters.

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