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The ‘To Do’ list for this week

I miss my Richmond pit bull friends...

Well, work keeps us busy, the pets keep us busier (and well-loved) and the commute takes way too much time!  But… lets remember to do a few important things this week:

1)  Check out the Best Friends blog post, A Myth-Buster of a Day.

2)  Got puppy mills?  Well consider the fur industry which is a horrible puppy mill for wild animals.  Being ‘fur free’ isn’t even a lifestyle change, since faux-fur is easy to find.  Sign the petition on Care2 to encourage the fur ban movement.  It does work.  West Hollywood has banned the sale of fur in city limits.  Yeah!!!  People really do care about animal welfare.

3) Check out your local ‘Occupy’ movement and find what’s up! Here in Seattle the Occupy rally has a working group for Animal Rights and Environmentalism.

Why is this important?  Reform for animal welfare must go hand-in-hand with reform of our country.  Businesses are not playing fair until animal welfare is considered and adhered too.   Think it can’t happen?  It already is!  The US Humane Society and the United Egg Producers have agreed to work together to improve the welfare of laying hens!   And that leads us to number 4…

4)  Send a letter (don’t worry, it’s an easy online form) to your local lawmaker to encourage them to pass legislation for free-range egg production.



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Cage-free is easy, and it’s the right thing to do

During my ride to work just a few weeks ago, I saw a transport truck stacked high with chickens in cages with not enough room to even stand.  What’s more, they were loosing their feathers onto the road because they were unprotected from the highway wind.

These were likely battery cage hens headed for a life in those same cages.  When I got to work, I stepped out of the office to take a few minutes to cry about what I’d just seen and the sad life of hens in our world today.  Especially, when there is such an easy alternative.

Chickens lay eggs.  They still lay eggs when they are out of cages.  So no one need go with out their morning eggs, as long as you buy the cage-free eggs.  It’s that easy: it’s that simple.

Cage-free eggs are becoming more common, and even less expensive over time.  Yes, you might find that buying cage-free eggs is a little more expensive, but the lifetime of cruelty and suffering that you’ve prevented is far more valuable than $0.50 more on a dozen eggs.  Please, please buy cage free today and everyday.

Here is one more thing you can do to make a difference, and it’s just as easy as buying cage-free eggs.

Encourage McDonald’s Canada to become 100% cage-free.  The World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) has an easy submission form to write to McDonald’s asking them to serve cage-free eggs, while the news from McDonald’s USA and Europe is encouraging.

“McDonald’s® restaurants across the UK and Europe are already cage-free. In the USA, McDonald’s® has stated they aim to use 12 million cage-free eggs this year. It is time for McDonald’s® Canada to follow these examples.”  ~WSPA

To help McDonald’s Canada become cage-free, click here.  Note many other companies have already made the transition.  Please ask your company or school to make the switch.  It’s easy, and it’s the right thing to do.

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