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‘Celebrate Shelter Pets Day’ is an online storybook story

My sweet Duchess

Today is ‘Celebrate Shelter Pets Day‘ on the Shelter Pet Project’s Facebook page. Everyone is helping by posting their happy adoption story, and it’s the sweetest list of names and faces you’ll ever see.

I do have one favorite, though. My mother posted a very special ode to her cat Daphne. Here it is:

Nov 30th is Celebrate Shelter Pets Day and I will be in NY. I celebrate Daphne today. We needed a cat that would tolerate Scottish Terriers and an autistic child. After some positive interaction, we took home Daphne, a beautiful black cat. The first thing she did was set those Scottie’s straight as to who was boss. …Thank heaven for our shelter cat who had enough maturity to survive and thrive at our house.

And thank heaven for mothers too!

Check out the Shelter Pet Project here.


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Celebrate Shelter Pets Day — Nov. 30, 2010

The Shelter Pet Project, a collaboration between Maddie’s Fund, the US Humane Society and the Ad Council to promote the adoption of shelter and rescue pets, is hosting a ‘Celebrate Shelter Pets Day’ on Facebook on Nov. 30, 2010. Here’s the deal:

Nov. 30 is “Celebrate Shelter Pets Day” on Facebook!

Don’t you wish you could do something to help shelter pets find homes? Well, on Nov. 30, you can!

Every year, millions of people consider adopting shelter dogs or cats, but many don’t follow through because they wrongly assume there’s something wrong with shelter pets.

Those of us who share our lives with adopted and rescued pets know that’s not true. We know that shelters and rescue groups are full of great pets – dogs with one ear up and one ear down, senior dogs content to cuddle on the sofa and watch TV with you, and frisky young kittens with a passionate interest in your computer keyboard.

So on Nov. 30, we’re asking you to do something very, very simple: Post to Facebook telling the world about a great shelter pet who shares, or has shared, your life.

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