Rescue Group Swap Zone!

Rescue groups often get a lot of equipment and supplies donated to them and they are exceptionally grateful.  However, sometime donations are very large or it is a donation of items that particular rescue group might not need. That’s why there is the RESCUE GROUP SWAP ZONE!

Below are organizations with wish-lists of items they regularly or occasionally need.  You might have some items to make a difference to them.  Here are the wish lists for…

  1. Laundry soap, paper towel, cleaning supplies
  2. High quality cat food, GoNatural canned food for dogs
  3. Towels and blankets
  4. more…
  1. Large bird cages (not round)
  2. Bird toys
  3. Stainless steal dishes
  4. more…
  1. Scrub brushes
  2. Dishwashing soap
  3. Dishwasher (new or working used)
  4. more…
  1. Rabbit pellets
  2. Wood stove pellets
  3. Animal carriers and baby blankets
  4. more…
  1. Animal carriers
  2. Gas cards or donations
  3. Rabbit pellets and fresh vegetable

Do you know of a group with an animal rescue wish list to share.  Email me at christielagally ‘at’ gmail ‘dot’ com.


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