Fundraising and Public Relations for Animal Welfare Groups

Fundraising and Public Relations for Animal Welfare Groups:  For the past several years, I have provided animal welfare groups with publicity, media relations and fundraising campaigns.  The primary purpose of this assistance is to provide immediate funds for the often emergency animal rescue efforts that groups must engage.  Alternatively, I provide on-going public relations or campaign preparations for longer term fundraising campaigns. These services usually raise 10 times more for the organization than my total fee, and have often raised over 100  times more.

Why provide these services? Animals rescue groups see the atrocities of violations to animal welfare on a daily basis.  They work tirelessly to rescue and care for multitudes of animals who are intentionally and unintentionally bred.  Performing the duties of animal rescue and trying to let the community know about your work are rarely done simultaneously because animal rescue is a 24/7 operation and is usually on an emergency basis.  Since on-going public relations is also important to daily community perception of the important work of rescue groups, I try to offer these services at a low cost, and on an hourly, not a percentage, basis so rescue groups keep the money that is raised for their rescue efforts.

Contact: If your rescue group requires assistance with fundraising or media relations, or you have an urgent fundraising need, please contact me at christielagally ‘at’ gmail ‘dot’ com (please type this in like a normal email address).  In many cases, I can provide information on a volunteer basis on what services may be most helpful or provide you with a cost estimate.


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