Animal Welfare Advocacy Coalition (AWAC)

Animal Welfare Advocacy Coalition (AWAC)

“Somewhere there must be justice; it can’t all be suffering.”  ~ Nicole Joncas, “No country for Animals“, Global TV Canada

Mission: To encourage and support not-for-profit animal welfare groups to tell the stories of their work in order to:

*  influence public policy and change laws to better protect animals
*  reduce animal overpopulation
*  reduce animal homelessness
*  make our community safer for domestic, exotic and wild animals

Methods: Maintain a mailing list to notify rescue groups of opportunities to tell their stories to lawmakers.  Seek out opportunities on the municipal, provincial/state and national levels for rescue groups to speak about the problems that are occurring in animal welfare and what solutions should come about.  Maintain records of testimony for future advocacy work.  These services are free of charge for animal rescue groups.

Why do this? Animal rescue groups see the atrocities of violations to animal welfare on a daily basis.  They work tirelessly, often on a volunteer basis, to rescue and care for multitudes of animals who are intentionally and unintentionally bred.  These groups see first hand the suffering involved and what has caused that suffering for animals.  In order to make permanent change in our laws and our communities to prevent animal cruelty and overpopulation, rescue groups must let people know what is happening through the stories of their work.However, performing the duties of animal rescue and trying to advocate for better conditions are rarely done simultaneously because animal rescue is a 24/7 operation and is usually on an emergency basis.    AWAC’s purpose is to provide an avenue through research and community organizing for these groups to tell their stories to influence public policy. By working together with many animal rescue organization, we can support change in our community and help animal rescue groups support each other as well.

How can my organization participate and benefit from AWAC? The first step for animal rescue organizations to get involved with AWAC is to sign up for our mailing list for notifications of public hearings, council meetings and news on animal welfare issues related to your organizations work.    To join our mailing list, please email Christie Lagally at  [christielagally “at” gmail  “dot”  com].

Once you join the mailing list, AWAC will email you regarding opportunities to speak to policy makers on the issues of animal welfare — specifically in your area of rescue.   Currently much of the work being done to advocate for the welfare of animal has focused on the following issues:

1)  Stopping the sale/impulse purchase of animals in pet stores

2)  Exposing and shutting down puppy mills, kitten mills, rabbit mills and bird mills.

3)  Advocating for better animal welfare laws on the municipal level (to begin)

4)  Advocating for spay/neuter laws for dogs and cats

5)  Advocating for government oversight of all animal breeding either through licenses and/or inspections

Email Contact: christielagally ‘at’ gmail ‘dot’ com

Phone Contact: (206)   293  –  1344

(c) Christie Lagally 2010


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