Donate and take action against the dolphin slaughter and kidnapping happening now in Japan

Right now as you read this, Japan is hunting some of the most intelligent beings on earth, dolphins, and kidnapping some of them for captivity!   Please take a moment to help stop it by donating, protesting and letting the world know we will not tolerate this despicable slaughter.  You can see the live stream video from the dolphin slaughter/ capture site in Japan happening now.

As recounted in the documentary, The Cove, dolphins are brutally harvested in a blood bath and some kidnapped from their families to be taken to aquariums for public display.   You can watch The Cove now and take action.   Even more importantly, you can help fund the efforts by Sea Shepherd Conversation Society to stop the slaughter and kidnapping of the world’s dolphins.

Visit the Sea Shepherds Cove Guardians webpage.  You can see the live stream video from the dolphin slaughter/ capture site in Japan happening now.

Please donate to Sea Shepherd now to help expose this horrific blood bath.  And there is more you can do…

Contact the Authorities:

Help us end the brutal Taiji dolphin slaughter by voicing your concerns to the authorities in Taiji as well as Wakayama Prefecture and the Japanese Embassy or Consulate in your area.

Japanese Embassies Worldwide: 

Mr. Yoshiki Kimura – Governor of Wakayama:
FAX: +81-73-423-9500

Wakayama Prefecture Office, Fishery Division:
TEL +81-73-441-3010
FAX: +81-73-432-4124

Mayor – Taiji Town Hall:

Taiji Fishermen’s Union:
TEL: +81-73-559-2340
FAX: +81-735-59-2821

Hotel Dolphin Resort / Dolphin Base:
TEL: +81 0735 59 3514
FAX: +81 0735 59 2810

Japan Fisheries Public Content Form:

Contacts via Twitter:
US Ambassador to Japan @AmbassadorRoos
Japanese Prime Minister @JPN_PMO
US Embassy in Tokyo  @usembassytokyo
Political Minister at Japanese Embassy in London @norishikata

Spread the Word:

Follow Operation Infinite Patience on social media and share with your friends and family. Ask them to help us end this atrocity.

Cove Guardian Facebook
Sea Shepherd Facebook
Google +

Educate others on the link between the captive dolphin industry and the Taiji dolphin slaughter. Discourage your friends and family from visiting dolphinariums or participating in captive dolphin programs. More info here.


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