Urgent! Kidnapped baby elephants – Please sign petition

Please take a moment to sign this petition to stop the sale of these wild, baby elephants. 


Here is what is at stake:

We request CITES, the world trade body responsible for issuing Trade Permits of endangered species to: 1) Immediately halt the transfer of any more elephants from Zimbabwe to China. 2) Revoke any permits issued for trade of live caught elephants to Zoos. 3) Cease all trade of wild caught elephants to ALL zoos pending a full discussion at CITES CoP16 March 2013. 4) Investigate how CITES granted permits to Zimbabwe to sell live specimens to Chinese Zoos. 5) Cease all trade of any species that are listed on Appendix I in any range-states to all Zoos; except for bone-fide conservation programmes. 6) Facilitate a suitable NGO to investigate immediate access to a suitable sanctuary environment for the three elephants in China to be housed together and a solution found in regards their health and rehabilitation. 7) Immediately facilitate the captive elephants held in Zimbabwe awaiting transportation to undergo suitable rehabilitation and eventual release back to the wild in Zimbabwe.



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    claudineerlandson@comcast.net said,

    Oops…merci Christie! I was told that I cannot sign twice! B ut I tried, just in case! 😉

    I hope you are well.

    Happy New Year!


     –  Animals Are Not Ours To Use Or Abuse In Any Way  –  

     Claudine Erlandson  15714 Burke Ave N  Shoreline  WA 98133                  USA


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