When Christmas-time means sanctuary

Annie at the Chimp Sanctuary NW

Annie at the Chimp Sanctuary NW

I was behind opening my email this week and one email was from Diana Goodrich of the Chimpanzee Sanctuary NW.  Her news was a Christmas gift to me.

Perhaps you’ve already heard the news, but in the last few days the NIH announced that all 110 chimpanzees used for research at the New Iberia Research Center will be moved to the Chimp Haven, a national chimpanzee sanctuary.

After decades of abuse and experimentation in a laboratory, the NIH made plans in September to move just 10 of the 110 to Sanctuary, while the rest would be sent to other laboratories.  But obviously this is not acceptable, and various groups like CSNW, PETA and the HSUS among others petitioned NIH to make the right decision for all the chimps.

Here is the announcement from Diana Goodrich.  Merry Christmas to all creatures!

Dec. 19, 2012:

The NIH announced that they will be retiring all 110 chimpanzees to Chimp Haven in Louisiana, and will not be sending them to the biomedical laboratory in Texas.

Thank you for making this victory possible by supporting this petition and by supporting chimpanzee sanctuaries like Chimp Haven and Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest.

Diana Goodrich
Director of Outreach
Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest

Significant fundraising will be needed to house the additional chimps, so please consider making a year-end donation to Chimp Haven.


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