Doing the right thing for elephants at Woodland Park Zoo

Elephants as they should be...

Elephants as they should be…

In the last month, Michael Berens, reporter for the Seattle Times and the Seattle Times editorial board have taken bold steps to tell the truth about elephants in a city zoos and in captivity in general.

But now action is being taken by the Seattle City Council to consider the alternatives for the Elephants in Woodland Park Zoo.  See Beren’s follow-up article here.

Note, that according to this article, the City of Seattle covers 1/3 of the zoo’s $30 million budget annually.  Yet I don’t want my money spent to hold elephants in zoos. In a city that is always looking for more ways to cut costs or raise taxes, the logical solution is to give the elephants peace in a sanctuary, and save the city perhaps millions of dollars per year.

I was very disturbed when I read Beren’s article on the conditions for elephants in Woodland Park Zoo and the behavior of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums.   The Seattle Times generously printed my letter to the editor and to our local leaders about my mistrust of leaders who don’t act on basic animal welfare questions, especially when they save the city  money.


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