Public Hearing! Horse slaughter can be prevented close to home


A message from Equine Aid Rescue:

There will be a public hearing in Snohomish County Washington (location of Florence Packing) on a proposed ordinance to ban the slaughter of horses and other equines. This is a pre-emptive move to prevent a horse slaughter plant from opening (or re-opening) in Snohomish County.

The Details:
December 19, 2012; 10:30 a.m. Public Hearing
Public Hearing of the Snohomish County Council
Ordinance No. 12-106, prohibiting the slaughter of horses and other equine for human consumption and adding a new chapter to SCC Title10.

Council Public Meetings and Public Hearings are generally held in the Henry M. Jackson Board Room, 8th Floor, Robert J. Drewel Building (Administration Building East), 3000 Rockefeller, Everett.

Contact information:
Council office: 425-388

This is a huge opportunity to make your voice heard on this issue. Presence at a public meeting has an enormous impact on the passage of these types of ordinances. We must show that people care about this issue. Anyone may attend, and packing the chambers with people is very important. Even if you don’t live in Snohomish County, just being in the audience makes a difference.

Those who are residents of Snohomish County are even more important. For those folks, signing up to speak on the issue is highly encouraged. You get two minutes. Making clear points while also providing personal aspects is most powerful. We can brainstorm talking points in this thread.

If you are unable to attend, please consider writing a letter to the County Council expressing your views. It may be sent to the email above, or mailed.

I would expect that the livestock lobby will be present, and the one thing I would hate to see happen is for them to organize and be there in numbers opposing the ordinance and the horse community be absent or poorly represented. Please consider attending this event.

Note:  More information about this issue can be found in an article The Herald.


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