“Sniffing Out Home” heads to the radio on “Living Humane”

I have BIG NEWS!.  On November 25th, I will be hosting a new radio program on KKNW 1150 Alternative Talk Seattle!   The program is called Living Humane and will focus on … you guessed it… living humanely by adopting your pets, buying cruelty free products and advocating for animals.

The program will air every Sunday afternoon at 2:00 pm, and you can also stream it from the KKNW site.  The program will also be available via podcast from the Living Humane site at livinghumane.com.

Living Humane is all about making connections!   Do you have a favorite rescue group or  animal-friendly business?  Let us know if you’d like to hear about it on the program.  Check out the Living Humane site for more information.


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    AareneX said,

    Referred her via Horsebytes, great to read a new blog!

    For a really great horse adoption (NOT rescue, at least, mostly not), check out Greener Pastures just over the border in Langely BC. http://www.greener-pastures.ca/ This groups helps find new homes and careers for standardbreds who have retired from the track or failed to race well. They occasionally take horses from the auction, but mostly take donated horses from racing stables to re-train. The horsemeat industry in Canada is thriving, and GP keeps some young, healthy horses off the menu.

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      christielagally said,

      Hey, that’s great to hear about Greener Pastures! I used to live in Richmond, BC, so Langely is near my old stomping grounds! Thanks again!

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