Message from the League of Humane Voters

Got this in my inbox this week for the League of Humane Voters,  and it’s a good reminder that a) not everyone is running for POTUS, and b) the voting makes a difference for animals.  

Dear League of Humane Voters Membership;

We have the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of animals in this election.  The people we put into office determine whether Washington State has laws that support and protect animals or laws that are harmful to animals.  The mission of the League of Humane Voters is to support those candidates who have strong animal welfare positions.  To that end, we provide information for LOHV members and the general public by publishing current voting records of incumbent legislators, a candidate questionnaire on humane legislation and our endorsement list.  I urge you to check out all of these sources of information on our website, before voting.


There are three incumbent candidates, who have very strong records in support of animal welfare that need our support in this election.  They are all running tight races and their loss would be a huge loss to the animals of Washington State.  These candidates really need your support and you can help them in several ways:

Make a donation to their campaign.   A donation does not have to be large to help and you do not have to live in the district of the candidate to support their campaign.

Volunteer for their campaign.  Candidates need help with their campaigns in many ways, such as doorbelling, calling voters or helping with other tasks such as mailings.  A small amount of your time can be really helpful.

Spread the word.  Let people know about these candidates. Pass this e-mail on to all that you know.   The League of Humane Voters is new and many animal advocates in the state do not know about the information we offer.

Roger Goodman — District 45 (Woodinville, Duvall, Carnation, and parts of Kirkland, Redmond, and Sammamish)

Representative Goodman has a stellar record on animal welfare legislation. He served as the prime sponsor for the Limit Tethering Bill in the last legislative term.  Under his sponsorship, the Limit Tethering Bill went farther than it ever has before.  He is a major champion for this bill.  WE NEED HIM BACK to continue our fight to stop continuous chaining of dogs.

Please donate to his campaign—by supporting Representative Goodman you are directly supporting the effort to get dogs off chains!! For more information on Representative Goodman and to make a contribution to his campaign, please see his website

Hans Dunshee — District 44 (parts of southwest Snohomish County)

Representative Dunshee has also had a superb voting record on animal welfare bills. He served as prime sponsor to the Spay/Neuter Assistance Bill in the 2011/2012 legislative session.  His campaign needs help with doorbelling, but campaign contributions would help as well. There are doorbelling opportunities on the following dates: Oct. 13th; Oct. 14th; Oct. 21st; Oct. 27th; Oct. 28th.  To help out Representative Dunshee’s campaign, you can call his campaign manager, Lacey Harper at 206-306-6451 or go to his campaign website at

Mary Margaret Haugen — District 10 (Island County and parts of Snohomish and Skagit counties, including La Conner, Oak Harbor, and Stanwood)

Senator Haugen is being challenged by Barbara Bailey. Barbara Bailey is currently a Representative in District 10, but is now running for the senate seat that Senator Haugen presently occupies.  In a comparison of their voting records on animal welfare legislation, hands down, Senator Haugen wins. She is truly an advocate for animals.  Please support her campaign!!

If we pull together as a political community, we can change laws and help thousands of animals who are hurting now and protect all those that come after.


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