Veg Awards! Remember to vote today!

A message from our friends at the Pigs Peace Sanctuary!

Yahoo! We’ve been nominated!
VegNews deadline to vote for us in the VegNews magazine annual survey is midnight Friday night (Aug 31st).
Please take a moment now to vote and enter to win one of the prizes, like the Vegan Caribbean Cruise.
Now please help us win! 
Sidecar for Pigs Peace and Pigs Peace Sanctuary need your vote and want your vote.  
Sidecar is in the “Favorite Vegan Storefront” category.
Pigs Peace is listed under “Favorite Farmed Animal Sanctuary”.  
If you haven¹t voted yet, don¹t wait any longer!  Go here to cast your votes: 
Please spread the word to your friends and family; every vote increases awareness!

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