Seafair! The Dreaded Soycodile and two little pigs

“The Dreaded Soycodile” at the Seattle Seafair

While giant lizards are rare in Seattle, our love of animals isn’t.   For many people, that means replacing a diet of cow’s milk with soymilk.  And since you’ve got all those soy-milk boxes anyway, might as well compete in Seattle’s Seafair Milk Carton Derby.

Much to my delight, The Dreaded Soycodile (left) made an appearance at the derby.  I have no idea whose fabulous creation this is, but it totally rocked. (Please contact me if Soycodile is yours!  I’d love to know more about it!)

The milk carton derby was good fun.  Some stayed in their boats, others did not.  And spectators were plentiful, including a few from “Bit 0’Bacon” pet pig rescue sanctuary.  The caretakers were educating folks about the responsibility of keeping (or not keeping) pet pigs.  The two pigs below munched on grass while others enjoyed their cuteness!

Now this is summer in Seattle!


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