Today and Wednesday (7/9), fire up your email…

Save Washington Pets has released a call to action for today (Tuesday 2/7) and tomorrow (2/8).  See excerpt below:
We Need Your Voice to Help the Animals:
Ask the Senate to Pass the Spay/Neuter Assistance Bill, SB 5151

 Please take 5 minutes NOW to let the members of the Senate Ways & Means Committee know that you want SB 5151, the spay/neuter bill, to be passed as part of the state budget.

SB 5151 would raise about $10 million per year exclusively for assistance with dog and cat spay/neuter surgery.   

 We expect that the cost savings resulting from this bill to far exceed expenditures, with savings in the range of $17-18 million per year or more.  Those savings would result from reduced animal care and control costs in our communities–costs we bear through city and county services, costs borne by nonprofit animal welfare organizations, and money spent by caring individuals who devote their lives and personal financial resources to help homeless animals.  

 We need to let our legislators know that in these difficult budget times it’s important to make wise spending decisions that reduce the burden of animal care and control costs and improve public safety.    

Please go to this page of our website and follow the three quick and easy steps to let the state senate know that you want this bill passed.   

It’s important that you do this Tuesday or Wednesday (February 7 or 8) if possible. Please spread the word immediately through your network of friends, supporters, organizational contacts, Facebook, and other social media.  Thank you!

Questions? Contact us at   

Please keep in touch with Washington Alliance for Humane Legislation/Save Washington Pets at our website, and on Facebook.


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