Best Friends hosts ‘Back in Black’ adoption event

Toby and Duchess -- my two black dogs

Duchess and Toby are my two dogs.  Duchess is 16 years old and Toby is nuts …(urg, I mean 3 years old).

My husband and I adopted Duchess and Toby from a city shelter, and they are awesome dogs.  When they behave, everyone says what nice black-lab crosses we have. When they don’t behave people think we have scary, “big black dogs”.

Black dog and cat bias is a problem for many shelters because so many wonderful animals, much like Toby and Duchess, are overlooked for lighter colored animals.  That’s why Best Friends (and many other groups) are working to help our black-furred friends find homes.

Check out Best Friend’s ‘Back in Black‘ adoption event.

P.S. Why does every picture of my dogs make them look like they have ghost-eyes — it’s almost worse than ‘red-eye’.  Does anyone know a computer program to take out the ‘white eye’ reflection from dog pictures? My Google Picassa program only takes out ‘red-eye’ from people faces.


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