Cowabunga! Glendale passes ban on retail sale of dogs and cats!

In an open and shut case, the Glendale City Council in California passed a ban the sale of dogs and cats in retail outlets, thereby pinching off the flow of money to puppy and kitten mills and ending impulse retail animals sales that so frequency leads to pet surrender and pet abandonment.  We owe a whole bunch of thanks to the Companion Animal Protection Society (CAPS), who also ushered in the West Hollywood ban and has helped many other cities do the same.

Update!  I just learned that a small group of activists got the puppy sale ban ball rolling in Glendale. Prior to this vote, Christy Schilling, resident and activist, approached the owner of Pet Rush, a pet store selling dogs in Glendale, and encouraged them to stop selling puppy mill dogs.  Pet Rush owner Rene Karapedian choose to stop selling dogs in favor of helping rescued animals find homes.  Both Schilling and Karapedian indicated their support for the ban for council. (Ref:  Examiner, and a special thanks to Andrea (reader) for letting me know about the team effort (see comments).)

Well done CAPS, Christy, Rene and Glendale!  Let’s make sure Seattle isn’t far behind!

Click here to send a thank you note to Glendale councilors for their bravery to tackle a tough issue.


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    Such great news, am sharing your post on our FB page

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    Andrea said,

    Your piece only cites CAPS – but credit must be given to those who initiated the shift to humane pet stores in Glendale. Christy Schilling, a resident of Glendale, is an incredibly dedicated animal advocate and rescuer – she approached Rene Karapedian, the owner of Pet Rush, about stopping the sale of puppy mill dogs and offering customers rescued animals. Huge kudos to Rene for changing his business model and consequently becoming a leader in this movement. These two, with the help of other advocates, including Best Friends Animal Society and Ed Buck, were instrumental in getting this ordinance passed.

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