And yet another way to make it right for dogs and puppies

It’s been a great day for the grassroots movement against puppy and kitten mills with Glendale, CA banning the retail sale of dogs and cats, but it turns out that industry can play a big role in stopping the suffering and overpopulation issues that stem from industrial sales of animals.

The Irvine Company, who owns malls where pets stores are still selling animals in Newport Beach California, has decided to exclude renting retail space to any company selling pets — thereby banning the sale of dogs and cats in their pet stores. (reference). Who says we have to wait for the government to make the change?

But there is more good news, this time out of Canada.  The PJ’s Pets and Pets Unlimited chain of pet stores has announced that its 41 stores across Canada will no longer sell puppies, citing the need to help homeless pets finds good homes.

Having personally come face to face with PJ’s Pet representatives on opposing sides of our fight to ban the sale of puppies in Richmond, BC pet stores, let’s just say PJ’s Pets/Pet Unlimited has made a heroic change of heart — and bravo for them!  They deserve our appreciation for making such a big change in the Canadian pet industry which, according to PIJAC, continues to oppose restrictions on retail sales of pets.




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    Alex Aramen said,

    Way to go. You are obviously a very good person. Too bad the world does not have people like you. Wish they would ban it here in Shreveport, LA my hometown.

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