Retail sales of puppies ends today in Richmond, BC!

It’s a milestone, a happy day and a huge relief in the fight against animal homelessness, overpopulation and the cruelty of puppy mills.

The long anticipated day has arrived, and the City of Richmond’s new bylaw to ban the sale of dogs in pet stores takes effect today, May 1, 2011! It’s a happy day indeed.  It’s a day to celebrate, and also a day to reflect.  This retail puppy sale ban was a long-time in coming — almost 4 years to be exact.  While the roots of this ban started in the hearts and minds of city councillors and animal advocates in Richmond, BC, it was and is widely supported by communities across Canada and the United States.

This ban has even held up against complainants in the BC Supreme court, where the Honorable Judge Savage wrote:

The decision to prohibit the sale of dogs in pet stores falls within a range of acceptable outcomes that are defensible with regard to the facts and law. There is rational connection between the Bylaw and its objective.

With that ruling, this ban will now pave the way for future cities to encourage or require their pet stores to make the humane decision and the ethical decision not to sell animals in retail outlets.



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  1. 1

    Bonnie said,

    YEAHHHHHH DOING THE HAPPY DANCE OVER AND OVER!! Are they banned from all states or just your state?

    • 2

      christielagally said,

      Hi Bonnie,

      Actually this ban only applies the the City of Richmond, BC because it was accomplished at the municipal level. None the less, there were 3 pet stores in Richmond selling dogs until Sunday. Not anymore. Thanks for your comment!

  2. 3

    dakota said,

    TRIPLE YIPPPPEEEE! No responsible breeder would sell their puppies through a retail store.

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