Actions Speak Louder (ASL) Calgary gets heard despite industry pressure

You can’t really muzzle the truth (no pun intended), and Actions Speak Louder Calgary, a coalition of rescue groups advocating for the ban on the sale of dogs in pet stores in Calgary, made sure their message was heard at this weekends Pet Expo.

While the organization was and is scheduled to run a booth at the Expo, the organization was told they couldn’t have their petition at the booth to collect signatures to support their cause.  It didn’t really matter though.  CTV published this story about how the Expo tried to keep the issue quiet, when in fact, their random regulations only highlighted that the pet industry needs to reform and stop the retail sale of dogs and other animals.

See the CTV article here!  Be sure to visit Actions Speak Louder Calgary and let them know how much you support their efforts to stop the sale of puppy mill dogs through pet stores.



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