Well, we’re moving to Seattle…

Buca the cat

My husband, dogs, cat and I are packing up and moving to Seattle.  We’ll be saying goodbye to BC, Richmond and all the wonderful rescue groups, people and dear, sweet animals we’ve met here.  Thank you all for the work you do to help animals.   I hope to continue to write about the wonderful advocacy in BC and in Canada, and also to start learning about animal rescue and welfare in the Seattle area.  Thank you to all of you for sharing your struggles to help animals with me.  Always keep in touch.  I may be slow to respond for the next few months, but I’m still listening to you.  But in the meantime, enjoy this great blog post by the author of Hyperbole and a Half called Dogs Don’t Understand Basic Concepts Like Moving.   Here’s what I have to look forward to with my sweet doggies… but I’ll through a cat in the mix as well.

Take care and stay in touch.

~Christie Lagally


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