City Council’s support of puppy sale ban backed by community members!

Thanks to your support and the work of many animal welfare organizations, the Richmond City Council will be holding a final vote on the Amendment to Ban the Sale of Dogs in Richmond’s Storefronts.  The final vote will be held on this Monday, Nov. 8th at 7 PM in Richmond City Council chambers.  You are cordially invited to attend!

Upon adoption of this amendment, Richmond will become the first city in Canada to outlaw the sale of dogs in pet stores, and hold a place in Canadian, as well as worldwide, animal welfare history.  See the agenda.

Furthermore, during the public consultation on this bylaw amendment, supporters sent in 217 pages of comments, and only two pages represent individuals opposed the amendment adoptions.   See those public comments here.

It seems that Richmond City Council has truly represented the Richmond community by proposing and supporting this amendment.  Thank you!


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