Toronto! We’re rooting for you in Richmond, BC!

It may seem like running for city council on a ‘ban the sale of animals in pet stores’ platform is risky, well it turns out it isn’t.  Dean Maher, city council candidate for Ward 20 in Toronto, is running on a lot more than just that, but seems well aware that selling animals in pet stores not only causes animal cruelty, but costs the city taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars in animal control, shelter costs and veterinary costs.

Maher has proposed to ban the sale of dogs and cats from Toronto pet stores, and he’s getting a lot of publicity for his words. Check out the Toronto Sun, as well as many other news outlets.

Maher will be speaking to committee on Aug. 13. See agenda and the proposal to council.

Dean, we’re rooting for you in Richmond, BC.  Show ’em how it done!

Richmond, Vancouver, Surrey, Delta, North Vancouver and beyound, it’s time to organize!  Check out AWAC.


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