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Missouri’s Prop. B PASSES! Breeders limited to 50 dogs!

On the cusp of Richmond City Council ready to vote on a ban on the sale of dogs in pet stores this coming Monday, Nov. 8th, Missouri’s voters have taken matters into their own hands as well.  Tonight they passed Proposition B to implement new regulations for dog breeders in that state!  See the news.

Effective next year, the law will limit breeders to 50 dogs and outlaw wire floor cages amongst many other improvements for these facilities.

This new law in Missouri, a state with thousands of puppy-mill facilities, will make a difference all the way out to Richmond, BC.  In the last week alone, two dogs were surrendered to the Richmond Animal Shelter who had been purchased at local pet stores.  Both dogs (Spyder is shown left) could be traced back to puppy-mills in Missouri, where the Hunte Corporation, a puppy broker, buys many of its puppies for sale at auction.

THANK YOU, MISSOURI!  You made a real difference for our dogs tonight.

But the news doesn’t stop there.  The City of Langley has voted to have staff report back on options to curb puppy-mills right here in BC.  See the article on puppy laundering.

A special ‘thank you’ to Corry Anderson-Fennell of the BC SPCA and Helen Savkovic at the Richmond Animal Protection Society for contributions to this post!

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Missouri’s Prop. B goes to a vote today to help curb puppy-mills

Today’s the day for Missourians to take a stand against puppy-mill activity in their state.  With over 1,400 puppy-mill facilities in Missouri, the US Humane Society and the SPCA support this proposition to curb canine industrial breeding activity.  See:  Voters decide whether to tighten dog breeder rules

Under a recent surge of inspections dubbed Operation Bark Alert, Missouri inspectors have rescued 3,700 dogs from puppy mills.

Let’s hope Missourians make the right choice today and vote YES on Prop. B.

Check out these great media articles on Prop. B:

Your Dog Wants You to Vote — The Huffington Post

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BC Chihuahua Rescue applauds Richmond City Council

The B.C. Chihuahua Rescue (  applauds the Richmond City Council for drafting a bylaw amendment that will ban the sale of puppies in pet stores.  This is the first of its kind in Canada and makes us one step closer to shutting down inhumane puppy mills and being able to guarantee all dogs the proper care and love they deserve.
The vast majority of puppies sold in pet stores come from puppy mills, where breeding dogs are confined to small wire cages for life, deprived of the basics of humane care with the sole purpose to produce puppies for profit.  We support banning the sale of puppies in pet stores in order to make it more difficult for puppy mill owners to find distributors for their puppies.
BC Chihuahua Rescue (B.C.C.R.) has seen far too many times the direct result of puppy mill dogs (traumatized with many behavior issues) impulse buys from pet stores, and abandoned dogs. We help as many as we can , but there are far too many more that need our help. A soaring pet population results in countless dogs being euthanized every year.  Our goal is to encourage people to adopt from local shelters, small reputable breeders or rescue groups.
The B.C.C.R. is on a M.A.D. (Make A Difference) campaign!   We encourage councils across Canada to ban the commercial sale of puppies in pet stores. Take a stand, make a difference and “Opt to Adopt”.
Linda Lanyon & Mary Ross
Co-founders of BCCR

A special thanks to Linda Lanyon and Mary Ross for providing this position statement and photograph.

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